Planned Gifts

Total Planned Gifts $4,245,000

James F. Chamberlain
Robert and Susan Gary
Ken C. and Beauton Hogwood
John G. Kirk †
Tom and Jane McIntyre
William H. Miller
Steven L. Overstreet †
Ruth and Hugh C. Overton Jr. †

Gifts and Pledges

Total Gifts and Pledges $5,363,106

$250,000 +

Crystal Trust

$100,000 - $249,999

Robert and Susan Gary
George and Cathy Goolsby

$50,000 - $99,999

Philip C. and Carol M. Gregory
Herbert F. Leisy Jr. Trust
Estate of Mary Louise Moore †

$25,000 - $49,999

James F. Chamberlain
Estate of Betty Deroski †
Chet and Kathy Ekstrand
Mary Ann Wahlner †

$10,000 - $24,999

Dudley and Yolanda Cline 2013 Trust †
Donegal Mutual Insurance Co.
Roger J. Gendron
James and Pat Holloway
John G. Kirk †
Eric T. Lincke
Janet and Russ Oechsle
Ruth and Hugh C. Overton Jr. †
Jerry and Linda Thornsberry
Thomas R. and Marjorie M. Wilcox

$5,000 - $9,999

Chuck and Cindy Campbell
Estate of George T. Copes †
Marshall Damerell נ
Frank A. and Joanne Del Greco *
Estate of Ursala Metsker †
Fortunat Mueller-Maerki
David E. Mizell
George E. and Joanne S. Orr
Paul D. Phillips, Ph.D.
Carroll W. and Anna Beth Wolfe

$1,000 - $4,999

Leroy E. Baker
Tom and Donna Bartels
Edward and Anita Bikowitz
Mrs. William M. Busey
Charles W. and Teresa C. Buttz
Joyce Pate Capper
James H. and Renee D. Coulson
John Cote
Michael Dempsey
Andrew H. and Linda I. Dervan
David W. and Louisa E. Dunn
David A. Follett
Harry W. Firth
Gregory D. Gould
Ken C. and Beauton Hogwood †
John and Beth Hubby
Steve and Sandy Humphrey
Jake Kelley
Julie and Dave Kern
Elinor and Steve Kline Trust
Ethan Lipsig
Gladys H. Martin Estate
Thomas and Jane McIntyre
Chris B. and Vivian Miller
M. J. Mintz
Philip E. and Michele L. Morris
Margaret S. Nathan
Tim Orr
Fred ◊ and Pam Tischler
Eugene and Barbara Volk
James and Bonnie Williams

$100 - $999

Anonymous (3)
Wayne Andrews
Mrs. Reed W. Bender
Gordon Bethune
James Cipra
Betty B. Crouse
Judy Draucker
Alan R. and Jane H. House
John S. Kloss
Marion and Bill Krajewski
Lancaster County Community Foundation
David A. Lee
Richard Newman
Jim Price
Lu and Steve Sadowski
Robert O. Schmitt
Hugh R. and Evelyn Slough
Bertram B. Townsend
Hans van den Ende

Chapters & Regionals

Atlanta Chapter 24
Buckeye Chapter 23
Central Illinois Watch & Clock Collectors Chapter 66
Cog Counters Chapter 194
Heart of America Chapter 36
NAWCC Florida Regional
New York Chapter 2
Old Timers Fellows Chapter 22
Ozark Chapter 57
Rio Grande Chapter 117
San Jacinto Chapter 139
Southwestern Chapter 15
Sunflower Clock Watchers Chapter 63
Western Michigan Chapter 101

In Honor of

In Honor of Bob Frishman (given by Alan R. and Jane H. House)
In Honor of George and Joanne Orr (given by George and Cathy Goolsby)

In Memory of

In Memory of Reed W. Bender (given by Marie B. Bender)
In Memory of George F. Brusky (given by Judy Draucker)
In Memory of Fred Tischler (given by Judy Draucker)
In Memory of Fred Tischler (given by Ruth & Hugh C. Overton Jr.)
In Memory of Fred Tischler (given by Pam Tischler)
In Memory of Ralph Warner and James T. West (given by Andrew H. and Linda I. Dervan)
In Memory of Ruby S. Worrell (given by Judy Draucker)
In Memory of John Wubker (given by Central Illinois Watch & Clock Collectors Chapter 66)

denotes a 1943 Heritage Society member
* includes a matching gift

The members and Chapters on this list are current as of September 6, 2017.