The National Watch and Clock Collectors 75th Anniversary Endowment & Capital Campaign.

For All Time is a $7.5 million fundraising initiative to shape the future of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) for our society, communities, and members. This historic campaign is your opportunity to invest in our future. The magnitude of our goal reflects the breadth of our aspiration: to ensure the ongoing presence of the Museum and the Library, to educate future generations, and to enhance an already extraordinary Association. For All Time will strengthen and transform our capabilities in five strategic areas:

   •   The National Watch and Clock Museum: Expand and enhance access to the largest and most comprehensive international collection in the Americas devoted to timekeeping and timepieces.

   •   The Library and Research Center: Expand and enhance access to the largest professionally staffed public library and archives in the world dedicated to time and timekeeping.

   •   Education: Use the skills and knowledge of horologists to reach new audiences, increase access, provide relevant instruction, and promote enhanced interaction.

   •   The NAWCC: Promote research and scholarship to fund the programs that encourage and stimulate interest in the art and science of horology.

   •   Capital Improvements: Upgrade the Museum, Library, and Association facilities and technologies in Columbia, Pennsylvania, to enable ongoing first-rate delivery of services.

The Power of Partnership

This is your campaign. The Board of Directors initiated the campaign and fully supports its goals, but the success of our campaign depends on you. Since its beginning in 1943 the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors evolved to become the largest horological organization in the world and the respected worldwide leader in horology. We cannot bask in our achievements or ignore the future but must be committed now more than ever to strengthen our ability to preserve, encourage, and stimulate interest in the art, heritage, and science of timekeeping. Our goal is one that, working together, we can and must achieve.

National Watch and Clock Museum

Your donation to For All Time will provide ongoing essential support for the Museum exhibits, collections, and staff; enable the exploration of the mysteries of time; and promote horology to an ever-growing audience by fostering innovative, technology-driven exhibits, and outreach efforts.

The National Watch and Clock Museum superbly and tangibly preserves and presents a wide variety of artifacts of the art and science of timekeeping and humanity's fascination with time. It is the largest and most comprehensive collection in the Americas devoted to timekeeping, timepieces, and the role of time in society. The Museum presently holds more than 12,000 clocks, watches, tools, and other time-related items, and new artifacts are frequently added. The extensive collection illustrates and explains the history, technology, mechanics, artistry, and design in horology and is an irreplaceable resource for researchers and educators.

Your donation to the Museum Endowment will address:
   •   Collections acquisitions and conservation
   •   Museum staffing and related support
   •   Museum collections and exhibits shared worldwide using cutting edge technologies

The Library and Research Center

Your donation to For All Time will enable us to use new technologies to increase access to our comprehensive resources and knowledge throughout the international community.

The Library and Research Center presently holds more than 30,000 items—the largest and most comprehensive library and archives in the world dedicated to the study of timepieces. The Library is available to the public and complimented by a full-time professional staff. The technical and historical information in our archives is indispensable to researchers, clock and watchmakers, collectors, manufacturers, and scholars. The Library is a vital and indispensable link to preserve and disseminate humanities knowledge regarding time, timekeeping, and timekeepers and is an important clearinghouse for the global network of smaller, like-minded institutions that collect horological publications. New materials are frequently added to the collection. The Library is the preeminent institution in its field.

Your donation to the Library Endowment will address:
   •   Collections acquisition and conservation
   •   Preservation and accessibility
   •   Library staffing and related support
   •   Library and archive resources shared worldwide with evolving technologies


Your donation to For All Time will enable us to design, develop, and implement high-quality educational programs; to share relevant knowledge from experts in every field of horology; and to expand our outreach to the student, the amateur, and the professional.

Education is the heart of our mission. The NAWCC is the clearinghouse for sharing horological knowledge and skills. Classes and workshops tell the fascinating stories of horology, cover various watch and clock topics, and preserve the knowledge of horological craftsmanship. Whether it is the technology of timekeeping or the nature and meaning of time itself, our educational programs expand horizons and provide answers.

Your donation to the Education Endowment will address:
   •   Public and member education
         •   Watch and clock repair workshops
         •   Online courses
         •   Teacher support for science and technology education
         •   Youth programs
   •   The Ward Francillon Time Symposium

NAWCC Endowment

Your donation to For All Time will strengthen the Association's overall financial position and create a long-term, stable, and predictable source of funding that allows the NAWCC to focus on innovation, develop technologies, and ensure quality services for many years.

Since its founding, the NAWCC has promoted research and scholarship among scholars and collectors and continues to share that passion with students, amateurs, and professionals worldwide. The Watch & Clock Bulletin has for decades been a primary resource to explore horology—from art to science, repairs to history, and people to technology. Humanity's fascination with time and the increasing need of our societies to measure and manage time help define the world.

Your donation to the NAWCC Endowment will address:
   •   Watch & Clock Bulletin and other publications
   •   Acquisition of technologies and development of organizational capabilities
   •   Creation and maintenance of a development office
   •   Staffing and related support

Capital Projects and Related Expenses

Your donation to For All Time will enable us to make the necessary capital improvements at the Museum, Library, and Association offices in Columbia, Pennsylvania.

It is necessary to continuously upgrade and maintain our physical facilities and fund other capital projects. The National Watch Museum and the Library and Research Center are unique repositories of information and facilitators for all things horological. Our Columbia facility houses a comprehensive collection of watches, clocks, and scholarly works that benefit our society, communities, and members. The Museum has been accredited as one of an elite group of museums nationwide. Key elements in that accreditation are the quality of our staff, our programs, and our facilities. Your donation will ensure these needs are met while our endowments grow.

   •   Museum and library collection storage
   •   Technology upgrades
   •   Museum building upgrades and major maintenance
   •   Security and fire systems upgrade
   •   Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system modernization
   •   Furniture, fixtures and equipment
   •   Campaign planning and expenses

Celebrate With Us

Now is the time to shape our future. Whether you contribute to the endowments for the Museum, the Library and Research Center, the Education mission, the Association staff and programs, or the funding of Capital Projects, you will make a difference and ensure our legacy of excellence. This is your opportunity to preserve, encourage, and stimulate interest in the art, heritage, and science of timekeeping for future generations. We need you to enable us to achieve our goals.

Join us in celebrating our 75th Anniversary of the NAWCC by making a multiyear pledge or planned gift estimate to For All Time today. We accept gifts in various forms, including: cash, horological items, tangible personal property, IRA rollovers, real estate, and life insurance policies. We are available to assist donors in every way we can. Naming opportunities are available with major gifts.

Please contact the Executive Director at 717.684.8261 ext. 209 for more information.

The NAWCC, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable education organization. Donations are eligible for US Federal income tax deduction.

Endowment funds are maintained in perpetuity with the investment income providing designated ongoing support.