For All Time

National Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.'s
75th Anniversary Endowment and Capital Campaign

Now Is the Time...

For All Time is a $7.5 million fundraising initiative to shape the future of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) for our society, communities, and members. This historic campaign is your opportunity to invest in our future. The magnitude of our goal reflects the breadth of our aspiration: to ensure the ongoing presence of the Museum and the Library, to educate future generations, and to enhance an already extraordinary Association. For All Time will strengthen and transform our capabilities in five strategic areas:

   •   The National Watch and Clock Museum: Expand and enhance access to the largest and most comprehensive international collection in the Americas devoted to timekeeping and timepieces.

   •   The Library and Research Center: Expand and enhance access to the largest professionally staffed public library and archives in the world dedicated to time and timekeeping.

   •   Education: Use the skills and knowledge of horologists to reach new audiences, increase access, provide relevant instruction, and promote enhanced interaction.

   •   The NAWCC: Promote research and scholarship to fund the programs that encourage and stimulate interest in the art and science of horology.

   •   Capital Improvements: Upgrade the Museum, Library, and Association facilities and technologies in Columbia, Pennsylvania, to enable ongoing first-rate delivery of services.

The NAWCC, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable education organization. Donations are eligible for US Federal income tax deduction.

Endowment funds are maintained in perpetuity with the investment income providing designated ongoing support.

The magnitude of our goal reflects the breadth of our aspiration: build upon an extraordinary Association and achieve unprecedented impact.

Power of Partnership

This is your campaign. The Board of Directors initiated the campaign and fully supports its goals, but the success of our campaign depends on you. Since its beginning in 1943 the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors evolved to become the largest horological organization in the world and the respected worldwide leader in horology. We cannot bask in our achievements or ignore the future but must be committed now more than ever to strengthen our ability to preserve, encourage, and stimulate interest in the art, heritage, and science of timekeeping. Our goal is one that, working together, we can and must achieve.

National Watch and Clock Museum

FOR ALL TIME will provide ongoing crucial support for the exhibits and staff members, allow us to share horology with more people through the Internet, and foster innovation in our exhibits and outreach efforts.

The Library and Research Center

FOR ALL TIME will allow us to deliver our collection and knowledge to an international community more effectively and to increase opportunities to share more over the Internet via upgraded technology, storage, and staff members.


FOR ALL TIME will allow us to build high-quality educational programming to an expanded audience and share relevant knowledge from experts in every field of horology, through various methods, including publications, events, and the Internet.

Financial Resources

FOR ALL TIME will allow us to enhance our financial position, enabling us to focus our attention on innovation and progress. The NAWCC's financial resources provide the tools needed to perpetuate the organization and facilitate the growth and fulfillment of our vision for the future.

Capital Projects and Expenses

FOR ALL TIME will allow us to provide capital improvements at the Museum, Library and Association offices in Columbia, PA. The National Watch Museum and Library and Research Center are a unique repository and facilitator for all things horological.

Our Achievements

The National Watch & Clock Museum hosts the largest and most comprehensive collection in the Americas representing the history, technology, design and artistry of horology.

The Library and Research Center is the largest library in the world dedicated to the study of timekeeping, and our archives are a vital link to preserving the knowledge of humanity regarding time, timekeeping, and timekeepers.

Through Education we provide classes and workshops in watch and clock topics, becoming the facilitator to those with knowledge and skills to impart.

Our Association welcomes you!

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